Unbanked is not the problem and banks are not the solution, Latin American edition! Last week, Dave presented at the LATAM Fintech Market 2021 on the topic of Open Finance and financial inclusion…

The session covered everything from bitcoin in El Salvador being considered a solution but how, in fact, this doesn’t solve the inclusion problem because it’s actually an identity problem to banks not being the solution either (they don’t provide the required solutions right now). Finally, the session covered how Open Banking is the first step to a solution but in reality Open Finance is what is actually needed to create a financial health agenda.

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Antoniorox · December 28, 2021 at 4:35 pm

Within the continent, Latin America hosted more than 2,300 of these initiatives, mostly working in segments such as payment and remittances, and lending. In a region with high internet user penetration and many barriers to financial inclusion , new businesses have plenty of room to provide financial solutions to a big unbanked, yet online, population. Brazil and Mexico also concentrate most of the investments targeting fintech companies, with over 2.5 billion U.S.

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