Last week, Dave was the guest host for Open Banking Excellence’s Campfire ‘Digital Identity in the World of Open Banking’. Alongside, Helen Child of OBE, Brendan Jones of Konsentsus, James Varga of DirectID, Dan Morgan of Plaid, Dan Johnson of Mastercard, & Stephen Wright of NatWest, Dave hosted 2 fireside chats and a panel session on this complex topic.

Digital identity has long been an unresolved challenge which both the UK Government and the wider British and European financial services industry have tried to piece together.

The ability to determine an individual’s identity remotely and securely has arguably become ever more critical against a backdrop of rising digital fraud. According to UK Finance, in 2021 internet and mobile banking fraud were up, in terms of volumes, by 117% and 48% respectively, compared to 2020. This is alarming as we enter into the digital post-Covid era.

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