David Birch spoke about identity and the data economy today during his closing keynote over at County Hall, London for the Transunion Future Summit 2022: Pursuing Growth in the Next Normal.

So far, the 2020s have been unpredictable, volatile, disruptive and unsettling on many levels — not least in the credit and lending space where a high degree of predictability is built into any resilient growth strategy.

All the data suggests macroeconomic shocks are set to continue, rising customer expectations around digital commerce are unlikely to wane, the emergence of alternative credit products and solutions looks unstoppable, and cybercrime will become more sophisticated and endemic.

Against such a dynamic and potentially risky backdrop, how can banks, lenders, insurers and retailers establish and maintain the kind of informed agility required to reinforce sound decisioning and sustainable growth strategies?

David’s keynote focused on the data economy and the role identity must play to leverage it.

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