Last week David Birch was in Las Vegas for the US edition of Money 20/20. He gave a keynote in the stream on gambling and adult services talking about the identity problem and what new approaches we might look at to support payments innovation in those (large) sectors. He was followed by very well-informed panelists and presenters who dealt with some difficult topics with sensitivity. 

Money 20/20 Las Vegas

As Claire Maslen at Consult Hyperion summed it up: “David Birch reminded us all (again) that the way we do digital identity today really is broken and this was especially clear in the introduction to sessions on responsible gambling and safely banking adult content providers, We have the technology (cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs, verifiable credentials and so on) that will allow people to assert what they need to about themselves without sharing any more PII than is absolutely necessary.”

Illegal to legal – M20/20 – Las Vegas
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