This week David Birch has been in Cambridge where he attended an exhibition on money and then gave the closing keynote at Cambridge Wireless’ International Conference.

David went to The Fitzwilliam Museum’s exhibition entitled “Defaced! Money, Conflict, Protest” with his good friend Diane Coyle:

The Fitzwilliam Museum describes the exhibition as:

“Punched, scratched, engraved, over-printed or digitally manipulated, there are many reasons people decide to ‘take it out on money’.

‘Defaced!’ is the first major exhibition to explore a 250-year history of protest, using currency as a canvas and a vehicle for rebellion. Passed through many hands, cash is the ideal way to circulate a message while having a go or poking fun at those in power.

The exhibition seeks out the stories behind the damage, which reveal some of the personal and hidden struggles experienced during major world events – from the French and American Revolutions to the First World War and the Nazi concentration camp system to the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Objects of rebellion made by the radicals of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, like Thomas Spence and the Suffragettes are shown alongside works by contemporary artists and activists including Banksy, Aida Wilde, Hilary Powell, kennardphillips, J.S.G Boggs and more.

In today’s world where the use of coins and notes are increasingly being replaced by digital payments, and against the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis and current debates about personal freedoms, this exbitition is urgently relevant.”

After lunch, David Birch was at Hinxton Hall to give the closing keynote at Cambridge Wireless’ International Conference 2022 – The Hyperconnected Human: “Connectivity is now a ubiquitous part of our lives, round the clock we are connected; from wearables and smart devices to connected cars, houses and cities, people are ever more ‘plugged in’. CWIC 2022 explored the ‘connected person’ and take a tour around their connected environment.”.

During his presentation, David spoke about the data economy and the growing data gap which is stifling innovation.

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