This week, David Birch has been in New Zealand with fellow Provoke Management Speaker Brett King where they have been presenting at Payments NZ’s annual conference The Point.

The Point 2022

“The pandemic, climate change, geopolitical conflicts and digital transformation are having a compounding socio-economic impact that’s being felt globally, including right here in Aotearoa New Zealand. As a result people are changing the way they live their lives and expectations on business is changing. The Point 2022 is an opportunity for our industry to come together and take stock of the evolving environment, to reframe our thinking about the type of progressive and world-leading future we want for payments in Aotearoa.”

Both David and Brett do a lot of work in Australia and New Zealand so they understand the local payments landscapes very well and as a result of all their global travels can also bring an experienced perspective and lessons from around the world to attendees of the event.

The Point 2022 Agenda

David and Brett closed the morning session together on stage with a presentation entitled “What sci-fi teaches us about the future of payments”. The packed audience were taken on a journey through more than a century of science-fiction and fiction imagining the future of payments, credits, electronic money and identity. From Star Wars to Star Trek, human colonisation of Mars and beyond, how will our money, our values and our exchange mechanisms evolve as humanity takes our next steps.

The next day, David delivered an online presentation entitled “Tap to Prove”: In the age of the internet, data security has become a major concern for individuals and businesses alike. Every day, it seems, there is a new report of a data breach or fraud. While these news stories can be alarming, there is cause for optimism. Thanks to new technologies, such as passkeys and verifiable credentials, we now have more secure ways to identify ourselves and conduct transactions. In the mass consumer market, we need to look at the idea of “ceremonies” around identification, authentication, and authorisation to make both private and public interactions more secure. By adopting these new technologies and strategies, we can help protect ourselves from identity theft and other online threats.

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