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Fintech Power 50 – AGAIN!

We’re celebrating! David Birch has been nominated AGAIN as an official power influencer in the Fintech Power 50! ‘The Fintech Power 50 is an annual guide to the most influential, innovative and powerful figures in the Fintech industry.  It acts as a much-needed reminder of all the great things we Read more…

CNBC: Ransomware & Cyber Attacks

Today, Dave spoke with Joumanna Bercetche of CNBC about possible solutions to cyber attacks and how “decentralization of ransomware has been enabled by cryptocurrencies”. Dave firmly believes that a good digital identity infrastructure is a fundamental building block in cyber defences. Watch the full clip from CNBC here.

Morning Marketplace

Here is Dave Birch talking with Victoria Craig at the BBC World Service “Morning Marketplace” in a segment about digital currency (after some minor story about Association Football’s competition administration).