“Best speaker at MPE is Dave Birch! Calls it as it is and no bs taken from other speakers! #mpe2019

Kevin Murphy (21st February 2019)

Dave is frequently invited to comment on current events, new stories and to speak on different podcasts and at various events around the world on topics including Digital Identity, Open Banking, Digital Financial Services, Payments, Fintechs/Techfins, Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Blockchain etc.

The attraction of his work is the ease with which he ties together the technology, business, and societal viewpoints. Dave demystifies this often-complex world.

Alan W. Brown, Professor in Digital Economy, University of Exeter Business School (2021)

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How #identity can be explained by what sounds like standup comedy from the extraordinary @dgwbirch  – but isn’t. Dead serious, lucid analysis.

Andrew Bud (March 2019)